Special note: I spoke with my election office. The word is the mail is significantly slowed due to Trumps actions to slow the mail. At this point I recommend using Fedex or UPS if they can guarantee delivery before election day. Otherwise, the recommendation is wear a mask, social distance, be careful and vote on election day. If you are able to hand deliver to an official ballot deposit box before the election do that. Check with your election office to know where you can drop a  ballot safely.

Simply put, without going into the whole history of US economics, since Truman, Johnson, Kennedy, Clinton Reagan, Carter, Eisenhower, Nixon & Ford all had higher GDP performance that Donald Trump. And that’s only eight that did better than Donald. If you go back further, Donny gets pushed even further down the list. So, no Trump did not produce the greatest economy and yes, he continues to lie to his supporters about it.

Note: I mistakenly repeated a lower third message at 2:27. That was supposed to be about the rate of increase of Trumps lies and misleading statements accelerating into the election.

The other issues covered include: GDP performance by party (Dems vs. GOP), Market Price Earnings ratios (current relative to last year), which are crazy high in a period of extremely low economic activity. Trumps Free money policy for corporations; Trumps lack of Leadership on the pandemic (not encouraging mask wearing, not encouraging his followers to be safe and stop attacking people who are trying to be safe….). Homelessness, poverty and hunger in America rising. The National Debt burden on America. Trumps lie about bringing down the national debt. The impact of Covid-19 on US GDP. The rate of acceleration of Trumps lies and misleading statements going into the election.

Trump vs Shiller – Let’s Get Ready To Rumbleeee…

Trump, Russia, Ukraine, Taxes, and the Swamp that Trump Built



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