Note: On Oct 16, 2020, at a Rally in Macon, Georgia – Trump gave himself an escape clause in case he loses the election: “If I lose…maybe I’ll have to leave the country, I don’t know.”

Trumps options for surviving if he is unable to stay in the White House are limited. Unfortunately for America Trumps best option is to defect to Russia. The only way that works is if he sells out America to Putin.

Sure it’s treason. But Donald Trump is a survivor. Donald Trumps ego holds himself above duty and honor to the United States. So ask yourself: would he defect to Russia? If you know anything about his life, his 38 criminal convictions, his hundreds of fraud cases he lost in court and his rampant megalomania, you will likely also agree his best option is to defect to Russia.

Trump, if he loses the White House has no reason to stay in America. He already said on Oct. 17th at a rally in Macon, Georgia that if he loses: “Maybe I’ll have to leave the country.” And as we all know, he often sets up his next crazy move by teeing it up as a suggestion.

Trumps options for escaping prison are narrow. If he loses the White House, he loses AG Barr who has been protecting him. He loses all his control over the Executive Branch. So ask yourself, what is he capable of, and where would he go?


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