I have to admit that the absurdity of Trumps lack of leadership in helping America properly manage the problem he himself created through his lack of leadership in the pandemic can really take it’s toll on ones ability to not be blown away by Trumps absurdity…

Note on George Floyd and protests across America:

America is in the middle of a pandemic emergency and a civil rights emergency. The murder of George Floyd was terrible. But there is more to it. Racism is rampant and systemic in America. It is sick and sad that so many white supremacists are still whining like little entitled children.

We are all citizens of America and the world. We are all human beings. Racism is stupid. If your a racist. Stop it. It just shows how insecure and immature you are as a person. Hundreds of thousands of people have been murdered and harassed just for the color of their skin. This must stop.


And now, a Coronavirus interlude:

Trump is constantly flooding the media with distractions so Americans will misunderstand reality and continue to ignore his failures. Par for Trumps course as this has been his meme and method for his life. Lie. Cheat. Steal. That’s not a business model. That’s a recipe for disaster in America.

In this piece:

  • Trumps late start has led to more Americans becoming ill and/or dying from COVID-19.
  • Trump lack of leaderships left America unprepared.
  • Trumps policies are increasing multiple risks for America and the American people.
  • Many countries around the world are doing better than America at controlling the virus and Trump, hypocritically, continues to say he’s doing a great job and takes no responsibility for the fact that the virus is out of control in America.
  • Trump continues risky behavior and has scheduled a political rally where participants must sign a waiver claiming Trump is not responsible if they catch the virus ‘at Trumps Rally’!
  • Rand Paul demonstrates that either he doesn’t know what he is talking about, and/or has no idea what the facts are, and/or is naive and/or ignorant, and/or is lying to America via sophist misleading statements, facts out of context, incorrect information, and misdirected arguments.
  • CAPE Ratio, pushing 30 in a recession!
  • Trumps Big Brain bankrupted Trumps Big Companies.
  • Trump, the most transparent president won’t allow himself to be investigated, won’t allow witnesses against him, and certainly won’t show his taxes.
  • Coronavirus cases of COVID-19 continue to rise and America is in the lead.
  • Sweden admits they did things wrong and has one of the highest mortality rates in the world.
  • Rand Paul wants the U.S. to be like Sweden.
  • If Trumps right and America is the greatest at everything, then why is coronavirus so out of control in USA while most countries around the world are doing better than us. Does Donald not understand that he’s only doing more economic damage. Apparently not. Or he just does not care.
  • Trump remains focused on trying to bolster the economic picture while systemically weakening the American economy with massive debt loading and laying the burden on the American taxpayer.

Note: Mortality rates calculated on a 50 day average for June 11, 2020 (one day prior to the recording of the piece).

[Correction Note (June 18,2020): 

  • Trump continues risky behavior and has not scheduled a political rally where participants must sign a waiver claiming Trump is not responsible if the they catch the virus at Trumps Rally…]

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