Sovereignty is important for protecting a democratic state. It is also used to protect dictatorships though. Trumps notion of sovereignty is clearly aimed at protecting himself, not America. At the same time he continues to mislead his more gullible followers into thinking that just because he likes to grab the American flag by the flagpole and hug it, that is somehow a proof of his love of what America used to stand for.

Truth, justice and the American way used to mean truth justice and the American way. In Trumps world it means ‘I, Donald Trump, want to make more money, so I give more money to my swamp rat friends and myself by lowering taxes for the rich, and placing the burden of my policy decisions on the poor unsuspecting people that are gullible enough to believe what I am saying.

Trump misleads his followers by supporting sovereignty. The problem is that he is NOT supporting sovereignty for America; he is supporting his own personal sovereignty, as if he were king and above the law. Those that are gullible enough will swallow his BS hook, line, and sinker. The rest of us are somewhere between stupefied /dumbfounded, and deeply concerned for the future of America; and what it means that America has not only lost it’s credibility in the world, but that Trump has made foreign dictators so much stronger. 

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