Trumps trade war is more sham than strategy; largely aimed at trying to make Trump look good to his support base. That does not make America look good. It makes America look like a shakedown bully. US farmers are being hit hard and 87% now fear losing their farms. Trumps trade strategy is not real, at least not real for America, it’s only purpose is to ‘attempt’ to make Donald look like a tough guy. He’s not. Trump IS fake news.

The truth is that Trumps supporters are having a hard time accepting the fact that Trump is lying about… well, most things that he says. Trumps propensity to endlessly repeat that facts are not facts and that he does nothing wrong and everything right… and that he is the best, smartest, most informed… 

Let’s face it. Trumps Trade War is just another sham gimmick that he is using to make himself look good for his base, while simultaneously doing serious damage to American Farmers, while simultaneously arguing that everything is going great for the farmers, while simultaneously claiming the farmers all love what he is doing, while simultaneously saying the trade war is working, while simultaneously 87% of farmers are now worried about losing their farms.

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