While examining the 3,500 lawsuits related to Trump and the Trump Organization I began to notice systemic and repeated patterns that might qualify as a RICO violation. When I reported this to the FBI in New York, something odd happened that made me suspect that Trump had friends in the NY Field Office that might be feeding the Trump Campaign information on active investigations. The news piece outlines what I found and just how strong the case is.


One thing that may prove true is that when Donald Trump said the election is rigged, he might just be right. He would know. Because it looks like he’s the one that was rigging it. As odd as it may seem, if true, this may be the first actual coup attempt to takeover the government of the United States of America. The question now is, did the NY FBI field agents ignore the evidence for a RICO case because of all the donations Trump put into FBI repeated), racketeering and fraud causes and the favors Trump generously gave to the NY FBI? This report examines the details at the face value of their merits.


  • 00:12 How much corruption in the Trump camp(s)
  • 00:39 Indications FBI agents may have presented false information to DOJ
  • 1:18 Agents implicated in working with FBI agents supported by Mercer
  • 1:40 The call to the FBI on Oct. 25th
  • 2:09 3,500 lawsuits and indications of a RICO violation
  • 2:20 Jim Kallstrom says the Clinton family is Crime family?
  • 2:54 Giuliani, Kallstrom, Donations
  • 3:33 Robert Mercer connections; Kelly Ann Conway, David Bosie, Mercer, Breitbart, Peter Sweitzer, Steve Bannon, Clinton Cash 4:36 WSJ reported meeting in Feb 2016 FBI agents in NY office pushed false information to DOJ, Huma Abedin emails?
  • 5:09 Oct. 30: WSJ Devlin Barrett DOJ reviewed material based on public sources (conspiracy theories funded by Mercer)
  • 5:41 “It now looks like Rogue FBI agents in the NY field office, Robert Mercers Super PAC, Breaitbart.com and the Government Accountability Institute are all connected to the Trump campaign.”
  • 5:54 Clinton has no convictions in her record
  • 6:31 Trump has multiple convictions, indictments and accusations (gambling license violations, tax evasion, fraud, Trump University scam, accusations of rape)
  • 7:15 Understanding a RICO violation and Trump University and Trump Foundation
  • 8:26 NY AG shut down Trumps Foundation
  • 8:41 Racketeering and Trump Organization
  • 9:21 Trumps bad deals systematically fleeced taxpayers, governments, contractors, banks, lenders, and shareholders
  • 9:44 Trump is paying himself and his kids millions from his election campaign donors
  • 10:14 Systemic violations fit the pattern of RICO violation; Non professional instructors some with criminal records
  • 11:12 Bankruptcy is Trump Trademark
  • 11:47 Why did Kallstrom call the Clintons a Crime family?; violation of hatch act, October surprise by Giuliani
  • 13:00 Did Kallstrom know about the call to the FBI?
  • 13:17 Starting to look like a coup rather than an election
  • 14:26 Wrapping it up: Guiliani, Kallstrom, Comey, Mercer,
  • 15:21 RICO, Bribery, indecent behavior, extortion, tax evasion, violating the hatch act, embezzlement and bank fraud, gambling and money laundering (willful and repeated), racketeering and fraud
  • 18:12 The final wrap-up – END REPORT

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