Centrist News: July 4, 2019 Understanding how politicians and trusted sources can trick us through Sophistry; Trumps Fake Campaign Ads; Cryptocurrency and sophistry; Unemployment Fake News and US employment data; N. Korea and Trumps interesting change of heart; Foreign influence of the President of the United States.

00:00 Intro
00:32 Sophistry: How to understand trickery.
01:00 Definition of sophistry
01:32 Examples of False Logic and False Equivalence
02:10 Fake News & Trumps Fake News
02:32 Trumps Fake News ‘Campaign Ads’
03:08 Fake Thomas: From Turkey
03:46 Fake Tracey: The Mediterranean Model
04:26 “Actual Testimonial, Actor Portrayal”
04:58 Trumps Fake Ad Sophistry
05:55 Intro to Plato’s ‘The Sophist’ A deeper look
06:38 ‘Theaetetus’ discusses sophistry with the ‘Stranger’
07:38 ‘That special kind of Stupidity’
09:00 ‘The imitative art of reasoning’
09:36 Caution & Conservatism
10:00 Christopher Chabris and Dunning/Kruger
10:28 ‘Trusted Sources’ and populist argumentation
11:04 It’s not all fake news, but some is fake and some is dramatized
12:14 Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, & Libra (Zuckerca$h)
12:35 The Libertarian argument
13:43 Crime & Cryptocurrency
15:13 Facebook, Libra and artificial inflation
16:44 Usery and cryptocurrency
17:46 Cryptocurrency, corruption & criminality.
18:15 Unemployment context
19:03 Relative comparison between President Obama and Trump on unemployment.
20:42 Employment in America
22:45 ‘Capitalism’ verses ‘Corruption’: Buckley v. Valeo
25:00 Buckley v. Valeo, Capitalism & Fraud
25:50 Trump promised he would show us his tax returns…
26:30 Trumps N. Korea Fake News: foreign influence of the president
27:20 Trump makes the worst deal ever with N. Korea
27:30 Trump is under the influence of Vladimir Putin, Mohamed Bin Salmon and the King of Saudi Arabia, and Kim Jong Un
27:45 Trumps attacks on the First Amendment
28:00 Trumps breaking the 25th Amendment
28:17 Trumps Treason assertions regarding anyone saying negative things about him.