This piece was recorded July 26, 2020. It is unfortunately still relevant. When people thought the virus was going away, because of bad leadership in the US government (Donald Trump).

Note: On Feb. 07, 2020, Donald Trump said emphatically this virus was a killer, was aerosolized and would even hurt children. Then he lied repeatedly to the American people saying it would magically go away, just so he could avoid a panic (he said). The end result is more people dying, more people being infected, and more panic. That is truly bad leadership.

The recorded piece is about how masks can help. But the story here is how Donald Trump and his administration, ignored the needs of the American people. This has resulted in now over a quarter million deaths that could have been avoided. And a clearly avoidable economic disaster, if only Trump had cared more for America than he cared for himself.

I’ve said this before but it bears repeating. Trump ignored the safety of Americans because Donald figured he could scam us on this virus. He used the same techniques he used to scam his clients at Trump Organization, which resulted in thousands of lawsuits against him. And lest we forget the 38 FEDERAL convictions he has collected over the years. Trump thought he could hoodwink the American public into thinking a host of lies; that are as childish as he is.  So what might Trump’s indictment list look like: WARNING, THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST:

  • If you ignore it it will go away.
  • If you die because of it you died for America.
    • Meaning you died for Donald.
  • And lastly and horribly, doesn’t matter how many Americans die, how many brothers sisters, children, parents, grandparents, as long as Donald gets to stay in the White House so he can avoid going to jail for myriad crimes including but not limited to:
    • Fraud
    • Emoluments
    • Collusion with Russia
    • Collusion with Saudi Arabia
    • Collusion with Turkey
    • Collusion with Brazil
    • Collusion with North Korea
    • Election Interference using the USPS to destroy high speed mailing systems and remove mailboxes across the country.
  • Culpable Negligence: for lying to America about the deadly nature of the virus.
  • Negligent Homicide: because he clearly knew it was deadly and thus his inaction and lying about the deadly nature of the virus led directly to tens of thousands and now hundreds of thousands of deaths in America.
  • Culpable Homicide: Because he knew this was a killer virus and to ignore the deaths of so many Americans just so he can try to make himself look good is clearly malice. And still he did not use the power of government with the defense production act substantively increase the safety of America.
    • Because he informed American governors if they were not nice to him, he would ignore them.
    • Because, he did not fix prices with the DPA on PPE and thus cost the States much more money than they could afford to defend against the impacts of the virus.
    • Because he created an economic tragedy that grossly inflated the debt of America just so he could pretend there was nothing wrong.
  • Murder: Because Donald Trump has fulfilled the key ingredients of a murder charge;
    • Causing death: There should be an intention of causing death
    • Doing an act: There should be an intention to cause such bodily injury that is likely to cause death or
    • The act must be done with the knowledge that the act is likely to cause the death of another.

In other words, a charge of murder is applicable because Donald Trump admitted on February 7 that he absolutely knew the virus was a killer. It is likely Jared, Ivanka and many of his key advisors and administrators also knew. By not taking appropriate action to limit the spread, he/they knew Americans were going to die because of the actions and lack of action from Trump Administration. The act of doing nothing and in fact the opposite of not helping by dissuading action that would prevent death, Donald and his administration are culpable in this murder of US citizens. Thus all three components of a murder charge are clearly indicated to be fulfilled.



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