Centrist News: March 2019 media context and perspectives on Trump, the debt, Russian collusion, Kushner’s security clearance, Intelligence, the rise in hate crimes and racism. 

Subject list/segment time:

00:28 – Trump verses Obama on who has the worst performance loading the U.S. debt

01:20 – As of March 3rd, Trump reaches 9014 false and misleading claims. 11.6 lies or misleading claims per day

01:35 – Review of US Federal debt

 03:22 – Trumps “Bullshit” comment: How Trump deflects and deceives; the Trump ‘Swamp’

05:58 – Trumps hypocrisy as ‘Law & Order President’ and how much he rejects law and order

06:23 – Russian Collusion: How Trump helps Vladimir Putin and Trumps lack of intelligence

07:13 – Evidence concerning Russian collusion, ignoring Magnitsky Act, Russian Trump Hotel 

07:52 – Khashoggi killing and Trump’s impeding investigation

08:20 – Trump Organization does not want anyone to know what business they are doing.

08:58 – Economics discussion and Trump focus on protecting his business, ‘not’ America

09:22 – US House Panel launches probe into obstruction by Trump

10:00 – Trump Hotel LOI was signed ‘after’ Trump began his presidential campaign

10:50 – Kushner, security clearance, foreign influence 

11:36 – Trump compared to Hitler; rhetoric verses reality of fascist speech and lying

12:45 – Rosentstein states Mueller report should be public and the William Barr appointment

13:23 – Intelligence: General Michael Hayden

14:10 – What the intelligence view looks like: Trump deceives to protect himself, not America

14:23 – Oligarchs, corruption, lobbyist influence of politicians and fraud

14:49 – Can Trump be indicted? Trump, the Russians and money laundering, Trumps tax returns

16:25 – Trumps RICO case consideration

16:49 – Guardian story on Neo-Nazi agenda and the growth of dictatorships

17:47 – Trump, Racism, lies and idiocy – END REPORT